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    Islamic Architecture, Stunning Mountains & Welcoming People

    Travelling through from Tehran to Southern Iran (Isfahan, Yazd & Shiraz) and back up to the North where we hiked for three days in the Alamut Valley mountains.

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    Azerbaijan & Caspian Sea

    Baku, Azerbaijan's Hinterland and Crossing the Caspian Sea

    Wandering through modern & medieval Baku, hiking in the mountains of İsmayıllı and crossing the Caspian Sea with a Cargo Boat.

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    Breathtaking Silk Road monuments & the Aral Sea

    Entering Uzbekistan from Karakalpakistan where we visited the Aral Sea before traveling the three gems of Uzbekistan (Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand).

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    Roof of the World - Roadtrip along the Pamir Highway

    Roadtrip from Khorog to Osh through the Wakhan Valley along the Afghan border and over the Pamir Highway to Kyrgyzstan.

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    Land of Mountains and Horses

    The world biggest walnut forest, 2-day hike to lake Arakul, 3-day horse trek to Song Kul and 4-day hiking the new Keskenkija loop from Jyrgalan.

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    From China's "Wild West" to Tibetan Sacred Mountains and Pandas

    Hitchhiking the Karakoram Highway, camping in the Gobi desert, exploring new hiking trails and Tibetan sacred mountains, climbing a million steps up to Mount Emei and lots of chubby Pandas!

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    Chilling a Month on Bali and Exploring Active Volcanos in East Java

    Surfing (a lot!), Yoga, healthy hipster cafés, Hindu temples and waterfalls on Bali; white beaches on Nusa Lembongan & active volcanoes on East Java

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    Ancient Temples, Paradise Islands & Elephants

    Visiting the temples of Angkor Wat, chilling on a remote island, watching rare river dolphins and visiting rescuet former working elephants!

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    The 4000 islands, Rock climbing & Trekking to remote villages

    Laos is one action-packed gem in SEA! Enjoying the simple island life, impressive Mekong waterfalls, Rock Climbing in Thakhek, the UNESCO town Luan Prabang & 3-day hike in the North

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    It's all about hiking!

    That was basically the only thing we did down there and our purpose of traveling Patagonia - both the Argentinian and the Chilean side: El Calafate, El Chaltén & Torres del Paine

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    Rain Rain Rain

    If any outdoor brand says their new jacket/shoe/equipment is actually 100% waterproof...don't believe it. Norway's rain will always win!